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I love icons

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We have just released our newest iphone app I Love Icons. You can add custom, text-based icons to your iphone home screen. You can strart a call, send sms, mail, open skype or facebook. You can add any iphone application which recognizes a scheme.

2011-10-11: version 1.4 released.
All fonts installed on device can be used
sliders limits can be set
SMS templates has an auto quit timeout 5 seconds
Color can be set in RGB hex value

1.3 - a minor bugfix for SMS templates.

2011-09-15 1.2 has been relased.

Multiline text is now possible, with text alignment
SMS Templates activity added
Color management changed (undo for colors, invert colors)

There is also a limited free version in the app store. You can use emoji emoticons.
A youtube video tutorial for using emoticons is here

We have added two new activities in v1.1 (released on 30 Aug 2011)

  • Clipboard - copies parameter to clipboard then quits. Works only with text.
  • cliplink - copies the first part of the scheme to the clipboard, then runs the following part. Like, copies a password to your clipboard and opens an URL. For instance, an url to Itunes Appstore which opens the iphone appstore. When you want to download something, you just paste the password. For an URl scheme, the parameter must look like this:
    [stuff to clipboard]/
    So it is possible to open the  iphone App store with one icon and you have your password on the clipboard ready to be pasted.

  • Go to appstore

    For more info , please check application help page . (optized for iphone browser).

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