You can create custom icons like those on the top
"I love icons" helps you design new text based homescreen icons for iphone ipod touch and ipad. You can add the icons for starting a call, text message, email, facebook, skype or any known scheme you want.

Tutorial video on youtube
I love icons facebook page
Main view
Enter a short text here (shows hi at first load).
Then pick background color (first line).
Pick font color with the second line. Use the big color panel and the lower brightness slider for choosing a color. You can not enter hex or other values, please use the picker.
Play with vertical and horizontal position.
Change the font size with the third slider.
Choose a different font with the font picker. We have added 5 fonts to this version. Send us a mail if you want to see some different font.
When you are ready, set the activity (the application that is started by the icon)
To add an icon to your homescreen, you have to be online. Tap the huge "generate icon" button at the bottom of the main screen. Safari will start the link which generates the icon picture. When the page is loaded, you have to tap on Safari's share icon, then pick the "Add to homescreen" function. Another iphone screen comes up, with the icon image and the text you entered. Tap on done if you think the icon image is fine. Edit the text if you want or tap cancel to return to Safari.
You can reopen the app from Safari with the "back to iloveicons app" link.

This is the part where you set up what the icon will do. Pick a function and set up a phone number or email form the Contacts or just paste or write it into the Parameter text box. You can test how the activity will work with the "Activity test" button. You can not edit the activity on the main view.
supported activities:

  • phone call (parameter =phone number)
  • sms (param = phone number, email - this sends an MMS, nothing)
  • email (param = email, nothing)
  • webpage (param = web page address )
  • skype chat (param = skype user name) - skype app must be installed.
  • skype call (param = skye user name ) - skype app must be installed.
  • facetime call (param = email, apple id ) - device must support facetime call (iphone 4, ipad 2)
  • facebook - simply opens facebook app if installed (param = nothing)
  • send to wall - opens facebook app if installed and goes to the status update function. (param = nothing)
  • custom - clears all fields, you can enter any scheme and parameter. We suggest that you enter the scheme and the parameter separately. Mail us if you want to use an app which is not listed here. Not all apps support schemes on iphone.
  • Clipboard (NEW in v1.1) - copies parameter to clipboard then quits. Works only with text.
  • cliplink (NEW in v1.1) - copies the first part of the scheme to the clipboard, then runs the following part. Like, copies a password to your clipboard and opens an URL. For instance, an url to Itunes Appstore which opens the iphone appstore. When you want to download something, you just paste the password. For an URl scheme, the parameter must look like this: [stuff to clipboard]/

    The clipboard content can not contain / sign. (division slash)


  • Do I have to be online to use the icons?
    No. Icons will start the app in offline mode. If the app needs to be online (like web browser) then yes.
  • Do I have to be online when generating the icon?
    Yes, this is neccessary.
  • Why can I not see the info page when offline?
    You have to be online to view the help page. This is a web-based service so it can't be very hard.
  • Why can I only use 5 fonts?
    Mail us if its not enough. Iphone supports a lot of fonts (over 40) but most of them are hard to distiguish from each other.
  • What do you store on your server when I generate the icon?
    Currently nothing. We may store the image later but we will not store the link which contains emails or phone numbers. Everything else remains on your phone, we just send a bunch of random string (a guid if somebody is techie).
  • How can I send the icon to a friend of mine?
    Screenshot and email. We will implement this feature later.
  • How much data do I use when I press "generate icon"?
    Under 100 (ONE HUNDRED) kilobyte. Relax. The icon is small.
  • Can I read this help in a browser?
    Just navigate to
  • Where is this nice color picker control from? . Some minor hacks added.
  • Can I delete the created icons when I delete the app?
    No option. Just delete them one by one with the iphone standard app delete method.
  • Will my generated icons work after I delete the app
    V1 yes,from v1.1 no
  • Can I have # or * in the phone numbers I want to add to dialer?
    No, sorry, apple has a limitation on this.

    Tested on iphone 3gs, ipod touch 2g, ipad 1, iphone 4G. Supports international alphabets, just change your keyboard settings. Tested keyboards: english, chinese, arabic, russian.